Making Of Essential Oils- CO2 Extraction

Essential oils are not made in labs but are instead extracted from plant and herbs material via the various removal methods which are effective from particular parts of the plant which contain oils. The essential oils are isolated from plants when solvents are introduced. Solvents are versions of the plants that are liquefied. The most popular methods of extraction are solvent extraction, steam extraction, cold press extraction. Water distillation and co2 extraction.


It is crucial you choose an extraction method which will suit you put in mind that the method of extraction will affect the quality of oil because of temperature and pressure which is applied during the process. Similarly, some methods of extraction likeĀ supercritical co2 pump are recommended for particular plant parts and types. However, most manufacturers have come to prefer the co2 extraction method.

Extraction of essential oils

I guess you have ever wondered how essential oils are made. You are in the right place because we will explainhdgt this here and your questions will be addressed. For a fact, essential oils are extracted and not made as many people believe. Essential oils are liquid and they allow their compounds to get the bloodstream faster as compared to when you eat u the plant. The plant extracts are obtained when the plant materials ate mixed with a solvent, and the solvent is infused into the plant. Similarly, the solvents act as preservatives and can break release and break the contents.


The most preferred method of extraction is co2 extraction. This is because oils extracted from co2 are relatively the same as those extracted through the distillation. These oils can be used in natural perfumes or aromatherapy. The co2 extraction process is known to yield quality essential oils. The oil extracted is not damaged by heat like it is the case in the distillation extraction method.


fccxvExtracts from the co2 method are thicker as compared to essential oils counterparts. The extracts also give an aroma of the spice, herb or plant unlike that of a distilled essential oil. Consequently, the co2 extracts contain more plant components, unlike the steam distillation extracts.

The extraction process

The pressurized co2 is converted to a liquid state however it remains in gas form. This implies that it is supercritical. It is later pumped to a chamber full of plant matter. The liquid gas acts as a solvent on the plant material as it extracts resin and pigment from the plant material. The oils are then dissolved in liquid co2. Finally, the carbon dioxide is exposed to the natural pressure and later evaporates to a gaseous state. The remaining content is the extracted oil.