Kids and Teens


Kids and Teens

Have you ever had your children complain about being bullied? Bullying is not something new, and it happens in many schools. Parents are left in difficult situations because they were not around to witness what truly happened. You will not be with your child to protect them from nasty things all through. It is therefore important to teach them how to protect themselves. This article will guide you on how to help your child protect themselves from bullying. Read on.

How to protect your children from bullying

What was the actual situation?

bullying, depressionIt is important to understand what happened before taking action. Understand the real situation whether you were present or not. Protect them from mean kids when you are around. You should, however, observe the situation long enough before taking any action. If it happened in your absence, ask the child for small details. They might be shy to open up, but be friendly and give them as much time to tell it all. It is only when you have the real happenings when you can give the right advice.

Get involved

If you notice another child hurting yours physically, stand up for them and warn him or her with strict words. Take the child being bullied out of the scene and allow them to relax. After they are calm, you can teach them some physical techniques to protect themselves. If you notice a child being abused emotionally, take them out of the situation immediately as this could result in mental health.

Involve the teachers and parents

In many cases, bullying happens where children are gathered. Mostly in school or church gatherings. Report the bullying case to the parents of the bully child. No parent loves to hear that their kid is a bully hence they will help you out. The teachers should be informed as well so that they keep an eye on such characters. It is, however, important to explain your case calmly.

Instruct your child

bully childBullying happens due to lack of supervision. As a parent take the initiative to teach your child how to protect themselves when other kids are bullying them. If they are not bold enough to stand up for themselves, teach them to walk away. It is, however, important to teach them how to stop the bully firmly. You can teach them some strict sentences and ask them to memorize them.